Loyalty Bonus Cards & Programs

You can take advantage of our bonus/loyalty program that gives you perks on your maharashtraonline car rentals. You can sign up for an Express maharashtraonline card, which will be mailed to you after you complete your first rental with us. We also have a range of other maharashtraonline Express cards, all of which are issued free of charge. With an Express card you can collect miles and points and have quicker pick up and payment with your credit card details stored in the card.  More information about the benefits of signing up can be found on this page.  

Does Maharashtraonline offer or have a rewards or loyalty program?

Yes, we offer the Maharashtraonline Advantage Circle. For more details about our loyalty program, please click here.

What type of Maharashtraonline cards are available?

Maharashtraonline offers a variety of loyalty programs to suit your needs.

  • Express Maharashtraonline Card - To enroll in Maharashtraonline's Express card program, click here.
  • Gold Maharashtraonline Card - To learn more about Maharashtraonline's Gold card program, click here.
  • Platinum Maharashtraonline Card - To learn more about Maharashtraonline's Platinum card program, click here.
  • Corporate Maharashtraonline Card - To learn more about Maharashtraonline's Corporate card program, click .

How can I apply for a Maharashtraonline Express card?

If you have never rented with Maharashtraonline, then you can enroll in the Maharashtraonline Express Card program by clicking here. If you have rented with Maharashtraonline before but are unsure as to whether you have an existing Maharashtraonline Express Card or account number, then you can retrieve this information and update your login credentials by clicking here.

Can I upgrade my Maharashtraonline card status?

Yes, your status increases depending on the number of rentals you complete within a twelve-month period. In other words, the more you rent, the higher your status!

  • One rental = Express
  • Three rentals = Gold
  • Ten rentals = Platinum

Ask a Maharashtraonline representative for more information or seasonal promotions.

How do I achieve a Diamond card status?

The Diamond Card is exclusive to customers by invitation-only or to members of the Lufthansa HON Circle, Emirates Platinum, and American Express Centurion Titan.

Will Maharashtraonline match the status I have with another rental car company?

Yes! Maharashtraonline will match the status of your credit card or loyalty standings with the airlines, hotel, or other rental companies. All we would require is a document or verification print-out that would show your most current standing with the applicable partner or company and an active Maharashtraonline account. To match your existing status of one of our partners send your request to on eof our Maharashtraonline Cards specialist: [email protected].

Can I merge multiple Maharashtraonline accounts into one account?

Yes! To consolidate your accounts send a request to our maharashtraonline Card specialists: [email protected].

I have misplaced or lost my card, how do I get a replacement?

We can help! For a replacement card send a request via mail to our maharashtraonline Card specialists: [email protected].

Can I share my Maharashtraonline account with others?

No. Your Maharashtraonline account contains your personal information.

If you believe someone has used your Maharashtraonline card, then notify Maharashtraonline immediately by sending an email to our Maharashtraonline Card specialists, and we will close the account. Your privacy is our priority.

Who are the Maharashtraonline Partners?

For a listing of the maharashtraonline Partners click here.

How can I ensure that my bonus miles/reward points are applied to my account?

To ensure your bonus miles or reward points are applied corretly to your account, you must add your bonus program account number to your reservation at time of booking or at time of rental.

How long does it take for my bonus miles/rewards point to reflect on my account?

It may take up to 4 weeks for the bonus miles or reward point to reflect on your account.